This module has been designed for educators to equip their students with the skills to make effective use of various social media platforms, as well as create a professional CV, and build a strong both off-and on-line identity for job search purposes.

The basic level includes creating social media accounts, communicating and sharing content by following the ethical rules, knowing about security settings, learning how to update professional information and searching for a job using social media.

The medium/advanced level includes creating an attractive Social Media profile that can be used for job-seeking purposes, presenting oneself in an appropriate manner and learning about online Etiquette rules.

Learning objectives
►    To dive into the world of online job applications
►    To understand the importance of privacy in social media and the distinction between private and professional life
►    To discover the benefits of social media for networking and job search
►    To learn how to behave correctly on the Internet 
►    To be able to master the job interview