This module has been designed for educators to equip their learners with the skills to create basic and more advanced digital content and also to communicate in the digital world, using a wide range of communication tools.

With this module, efforts will be made to provide people with basic digital skills and competencies. The basic level focuses on different device structures, parts and features of devices, concepts of the file and folder, use of the internet for its purpose, managing email accounts, and teaching word processors programs.

The basic level prepared for educators will be a guide on how educators will transfer knowledge. With this basic level, educators will learn how they should teach relevant skills to learners.

Throughout the module, trainers; will apply the methods of lecture, question and answer, learning by doing and experiencing in learning processes. In addition, individual learning methods and techniques that teach by supporting individuals to think, research, solve problems and put them into practice using the knowledge and skills they have acquired will be encouraged.

Learning objectives

►    Guiding educators to provide the transfer of basic knowledge
►    Outline the basic level of digital skills have to be taught
►    Providing the contribution to the interactive and practice-based education
►    To teach basic level concepts and device features
►    Ensuring the understanding of the different types of file and folder features
►    To guide the use of the internet for its intended purpose
►    Provide information about email services, applications, and security
►    To encourage the use of word processor applications
►    Raising awareness about the dangers that may come from the internet environment